How To Work With Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite is a powerful and efficacious spirit, turned to throughout the globe for quick results and material intercession, especially in the case of emergencies. Most famed for delivering fast cash and bringing a swift end to lawsuits and bureaucratic nonsense, he can also be called upon to expedite the results of other magical work and prayed to for all manner of manifest results. Specific applications are listed at the bottom of this article.

For an introduction to the figure and back story of St. Expedite, see the description text for the series of magical materia we’ve created in his honor. These were constructed to talismanic standard during the full Moon in Gemini 2018 on a particularly potent Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, giving our patron Saint a battery pack of planetary power to further aid his ability to manifest the fastest, most favorable results.

Note that using our Expedite offerings is not a requirement for working with this spirit, or for the instructions and prayers presented in this article. If you have them, wonderful — use them! If not, work with what you have.


Priming the Pump

If you’re looking to work with Expedite, it’s likely the case that you already know what you want or need help with and are ready to dive right in. Even if you don’t, you can still set up an altar and present offerings to him on Wednesdays to start seeding the relationship and building rapport for when the time comes. He’s a great spirit to keep on retainer, and can be a motivating, energizing influence to share space with.

More on the formation of requests and specific applications can be found below, but first, let’s delve into establishing Expedite’s base of operations within your sphere.

Altar Construction + Placement

Expedite is a hot way-opening figure who prefers to be placed beside doorways. The more primary the entrance the better, whether indoors or out — the front or back door is ideal. I recommend to keep Expedite altars out of the bedroom, because his activity can cause sleep disturbances.

Since St. Expedite is such a yang figure, his altars are most appropriately positioned in the South, East, or in the direction of your Sheng Chi, which is the direction of personal prosperity according to your birth in classical feng shui. In the case you don’t have direction options based on the door or other practical considerations, don’t worry about direction.

His altar cloth should be red or white, but you can always use paper, a placemat, or a decorative platter as a fallback.

You will need an image or statue of St. Expedite. You can print your favorite from Google Images or procure a statue, many fine specimens of which are available through Amazon. In a real pinch, you can pull his image up on your phone and place it on the altar as you make your requests, though that’s obviously not ideal for establishing an ongoing relationship.

Expedite has a fondness for triplicities, so many guides recommend situating your image or statue of Expedite in the center back, and then using a single candle in front on one side and a glass of water in front on the other, making a triangle formation. That’s the simplest layout of an Expedite altar, but far from the only way they can be arranged. Any way that looks pleasing and feels good to you should work great.


The two most basic offerings for Expedite are the aforementioned candle and glass of water. The bigger and more important your request, the more in the way of offerings you should give, to the degree you are able. The full list of favored and common Expedite offerings includes

You do not have to give all of these at once. In fact, it works better to “pay” St. Expedite half up front and half upon delivery of your request, to incentivize him to act even faster. The following ritual structure and prayer is arranged to accommodate this, but feel free to deviate to what makes most sense to you.

Other Expedite lore advises that you flip your icon of Expedite upside down while he’s in the process of fulfilling your request, the theory being that he’ll move quickly in order to get turned rightside up again. This is obviously easier to do with an image than a statue, and is entirely optional. I’ve never worked that way because it feels, uh… rude. But to each their own!

Appropriate Altar Items

Other items at home on Expedite altars include —

  • Coins
  • Paper money, mock money, and checks
  • St. Expedite oils, incenses, perfumes, and other materia made in his name
  • Small living varieties of palm, bamboo, or plants with red flowers
  • Items that are red, green, and or gold
  • Skeleton keys and lock picks
  • Crow feathers
  • Holy water, crosses, rosaries, or other Christian iconography and implements
  • Tarot cards and items related to your specific (and current) requests
  • Dice or playing cards
  • A bell, for ringing at the beginning and end of your petitions

Timing — St. Expedite + Astrology

In an ideal world, it’s best to establish a new Expedite altar (or clean and re-arrange one), along with give offerings and make requests on Wednesdays, his customary day, as well as the day of Mercury.

Most approaches to planetary magic are, well… planetary in nature, but because space-weather impacts everything (for better or for worse), it’s best to bring appropriate timing to all magical operations to increase their efficacy. Practical magic is but an odds game, at the end of the day.

St. Expedite is a spirit so you don’t have to use particular timing at all to work with him, but if you do, the results he delivers will be even better.

You can tie St. Expedite into your planetary magic work by pairing your requests with the house rulers of your natal chart, and using those periods of time to make offerings and prayers.

For instance, if you are asking for money and your second house is Pisces, Jupiter is the planet that has the biggest ability to impact your finances. Use the day of Expedite (Wednesday) or Jupiter (Thursday) in the hour of Jupiter for your prayers and offerings.

Quickly for those who don’t know what the houses correlate with

1st = Self overall, body, personal presentation
2nd = Financial matters, material assets
3rd = Your day-to-day, short distance travel
4th = Your household or base of operations, point of origin, family
5th = Luck, creative pursuits, children, things you do for fun
6th = Health, habits, expenses, pets
7th = Spouse, business partners, close 1:1 relationships, outside world overall
8th = Debts, shared resources
9th = Higher education, long distance travel, religious and philosophical pursuits
10th = Career, prominence, reputation
11th = Online networks, social groups and communities, hobbies
12th = Psyche and subconscious

And the planetary rulers of each sign

Aries and Scorpio = Mars
Taurus and Libra = Venus
Gemini and Virgo = Mercury
Cancer = Moon
Leo = Sun
Sagittarius and Pisces = Jupiter
Capricorn and Aquarius = Saturn

Planetary hours can be calculated online or using smart phone apps, such as Time Nomad, free for iPhone.

Forming Your Request

Be as specific as possible with your petitions and prayers. Contemplate exactly what you need/ want and consider writing it down to read during the ritual, since phrasing is such an important aspect of communication between all beings, and can deeply impact how your results manifest. Basic considerations include —

♰ What is your final objective?

♰ Who does this request involve, other than yourself?

Give their full name(s) or the title of their position. For instance, if you are seeking a promotion at your current job, name your manager or the person who will make that determination. If you are seeking general employment, something along the lines of “Make my future boss hire me immediately, and have me start work right away!”

♰ Where is the setting this will play out in?

Mention the location or stage the ritual there, if possible. If you are trying to sell your house, say something like “Make this house at 123 Expedite Way in California sell immediately! See that I have many offers over the asking price, and make closing as fast and easy as possible! Get the money from the sale into my account immediately!”

Use your Expedite materials in that location to draw his presence and empower his influence over the space, especially on Wednesdays.

♰ When does this need to be achieved by?

Generally speaking, it’s best to request “today!”, “now!”, “the soonest possible!”, and “without delay!” even if there is a deadline farther out. Expedite responds well to emergencies, so even if something is a desire rather than a need, form the request as imminently pressing regardless, and demand results at quicksilver speed.

♰ Why do you need to achieve this?

If you would like to further flesh out your petition, you can present reasons to Expedite about why you need something done, to add more emotional weight and urgency. An example would be “I need $2,000 to pay my rent, to keep a roof over my family’s heads and feed my children!” Don’t focus too much on the negative, and be careful with your phrasing so as not to consolidate difficulties.

General Petition + Prayer to St. Expedite

Have your request formed and offerings prepared, ready beside the altar. The following script can be downloaded to add your own petition and print underneath the prayer text. You can also write your own, or look up hundreds of other St. Expedite prayers available on the internet.

A word you should know how to say is “HODIE”, which means “today” or “at the present time” in latin, which marks Expedite’s cross. It is pronounced (h)o•dee•aay – with the ghost of an (h).

Listen —

Present prayers and offerings in a heartfelt manner, and address the spirit as if it were actually there in front of you, in the same way you’d give a gift and speak to someone with whom you have much respect, reverence, and regard for. Begin by lighting the candle(s) and incense, if you are using it. Here is a petition script —

Saint Expedite, Saint Expedite, Saint Expedite!
[Ring bell or knock three times on the altar]

I call you, here and now, and pray for your intercession!

You who acts immediately, and is reliable in times of need!
You, dressed in the red and gold colors of a Roman centurion
Holding high your sacred cross, marked HODIE!
Bearing a palm frond, showing all God’s children the triumph of Spirit over matter

Expedite, who heard the crow shout “tomorrow”,
Expedite, who denied the beast — stepping upon it
Exclaiming “TODAY”!

Come to my aid, glorious martyr! Deliver me this, my prayer and petition —

[Speak your desire; place your petitions or sigils]

I make you offerings of… [place them on the altar if not already there, and say them aloud: flame, water, poundcake, flowers, and…]

In return for your faithful service, and upon delivery of said needs,
I will give you further offerings and sing your praises to the heavens,
For all should know of your power and splendor!

Expedite, Leader of the Thundering Legions
By the glory and grace of your Special Providence
Find a way. Go forth, make it so!

This instant!


Download a free Word file of this prayer, to personalize and print

Upon Receipt of Requests, and Disposal of Offerings

As far as offerings go while your requests are pending, leave them on the altar for as long as you desire, but remove them before they rot or wilt. When it comes to disposal of offering water, if you have house plants (especially palms!), water them with it (more on that in specific applications below…). For other offerings, put them outside for animals to feed on or to compost.

When you get the results you asked for, make sure to return to Expedite’s altar and give him the further offerings and praise you promised (if you did). It can be as simple as placing the offerings there and telling St. Expedite, from the bottom of your heart, “thank you”.

Expedite loooves to be publicly recognized. It’s customary after he delivers your request to sing his praises and tell others about him. This is one of the ways of offering to him upon making manifest your requests and prayers.

This can be done on social media by posting pictures, praises, and hashtags, or done the old fashioned way, in person. In South America some people hand out prayer cards on the street by the hundreds!

Growing a Business

If someone wants to increase their business, it follows that they likely also want to increase their income and social media followers. In the case that you want many things at one time, don’t just present Expedite with a list of demands.

Ask for the biggest, most final form of your goal, which if achieved means the smaller things also ended up happening — or that they didn’t matter as much as you thought.

For instance, some people have tens or hundreds of thousands of social media followers but very little sales conversion, while others have much higher conversion rates and higher paying clients, but don’t seem as successful from a “social proof” perspective. Focus on what will make the biggest positive difference in your life, not on what looks cool from the outside.

The most important thing about owning a business is generally related to the income they bring in, so if that’s the case for you, keep that your focus for your main petition. Use other forms of supportive magic, such as sigils and shoaling, for the more specific, smaller stuff, and ask Expedite to quicken and make manifest your sigils, which you should keep around his altar.

Note that magic works best when it’s supported by mundane action. All magic does is increase the likelihood of pulling something off, so you need to stack the deck in your favor by doing everything else in your power to make your business successful on a practical level.

Success magic is the cherry on top of all the other hard work you need to put in, in order to make that success possible in the real-world.

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